Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy birthday to Lucy

Oh, the quickest year of my life! My baby, my curly locks, my little Lu, all growing up.
It was a lovely day today, with just a handful of people. Lucy seemed to enjoy herself and all three kids were exhausted tonight.

Lucy is a marvellous creature, she is joyful and quick to laugh and adventurous and just delicious. She will be walking soon and we get to experience a whole new world then.

I just asked Raff to describe Lucy and he says interactive, cheeky, lively and fun. She is soaking up her world and roars like a tiger, woofs like a dog, moos like a cow and meows like a cat. She climbs and she rocks and she draws and she rips and she throws things and she plays peek-a-boo, and doesn't miss a thing. She will copy her sisters all day. And with a touch of gentle guidance over the last week or so, she now sleeps!

The cake

Her new wagon

The cousins


I will blog about her party later, but look what the birthday girl learned today!!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

First day of winter

so of course, thanks to global warming, we get to have a picnic in the back yard!
It was another warm sunny pleasant day, we have had a real run of them. You really appreciate it at this time of the year as you never know when it is going to get freezing suddenly. It was a lovely long day that included a walk/bike ride, coffee at the bakery, vacuumed and mopped floors, two loads of washing, yummy dinner, vacuumed and washed car, time at the park plus plenty of time for Ella and Charlotte to hang out playing paper dolls, Fairytopia, pretend-you're-the-big-sister-and-I'm-the-little-sister, teachers, playdough, bug catching and cloud watching.
Lucy played in the dirt most of the day ...