Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Baby Names

I really should be keeping you all updated on the baby names that Ella keeps coming up with.
If it is a boy she wants to name him Sprout or Yabbie.
If it is a girl then she wants to name her Ari or Billy

Time for an update

I am always so tired in the evenings that my head and my hands can't compute, so it is way too hard to blog, but tonight the girls were sound asleep early and the place is tidy(ish)
Disappointing news is that the owners of the house in Willaston that we are hoping to buy have decided not to renew our contract. It's still possible that we can buy it, but it is back on the open market with a new real estate agent, so it could sell quickly now.
Fingers crossed that this week is the week that we will sell our house. We have had it on the market now for over 3 months. I really couldn't be stuffed house hunting again!

Ella got a globe of the world for Christmas. I didn't realise it when I bought it but it has a light in it, so it is now her nightlight. Each night before she goes to bed she checks that Scotland is turned around so that it faces her while she sleeps.

We have a comet http://www.news.ninemsn.com/article.aspx?id=101950 travelling through our skies at the moment, and have had fun reminiscing with the kids about the night that we snuck out of the house to see Halleys Comet - 21 years ago!!

Ella drew a photo of Eva today

Charlotte being tickled by fairies