Monday, July 21, 2008


Baby + Sudocrem

Introducing the Cousins to The Sims

Lucy with her favourite boy cousin

Lucy with her first pair of shoes

Lucy enjoying some homemade pizza

Lucy is taking lots of steps, but still seems to be a fair way off 'walking' The video below is what she spends her whole day doing, taking 5 or so steps and the plonk on her bum, over and over :)

Belated Happy Birthday to Ella

A bit behind over here, the school holidays were luxuriously lazy and I felt like doing nothing much :)

Well, a couple of weeks ago Ella turned six! We had a pretty low key day, with a visit to a different playcentre with the cousins, which was pleasant enough. We also went out for dinner with everyone in the evening.

Ella received some very grown up presents. A watch, a music player, a silver charm bracelet and, her favourite from Nana and Papa, The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe book. A read it aloud to her over the next few days and it was really lovely, she was captivated. We have just purchased The Adventures Of the Wishing Chair by Enid Blyton and are doing the same with that.

She said to me yesterday morning 'Heeey, I'm six now ... Adam and Eva said I'll be six next time they see me! Are they coming home this week?'

Back to school today - it is so lovely to see her bouncing in to her classroom so happy.

Charlotte started in the Kindy Room at childcare today, and Lucy has settled brilliantly in the Baby room at childcare. She eats and sleeps for them there!