Monday, January 28, 2008

Photo as promised

of our Lucy sitting up. She finds it so hilarious, as do her sisters. The world must look so different up right.

For Christmas Ella received a very cool Lego set.

Since Christmas she has been asking fairly regularly for us to build the Lego house, but it has always been at inopportune times, like at dinner time, or bed time, or while we are in the car to somewhere, or rushing out the door to an appointment, so my usual answer was 'Yep, sure, but not right now. We have the whole holidays to build it'
So of course, I realise on Thursday that the holidays are all but over, so when she asked me as I was walking around with a ridiculously overtired baby and two starving hungry children, contemplating what to cook for dinner at 5pm, I said yes. I strapped Lucy in to the Ergo (Have I mentioned the Ergo Lately? It's my favourite baby thing ever) I found some date scones in the freezer and declared them entree, cut up some apple and banana and started unpackaging the Lego.
It flashed me back to our childhood, constructing castles and spacecraft. I was trying to clue Ella in on the lingo '2by6thinwhite?'

It ended up being a few days effort as everyones patience wore thin after an hour or so at it, and I ended up finishing the last half of the roof all by myself (and loved it ;))

And it can be made in to two other models. I can only find one online. I look forward to demolishing the one we have done and attempting this next one. Maybe when Ella is back at school ;)

Oops, I came back in to plug the site that we bought the Lego from I had been unable to find any decent sets in the shops, but this site had the set for only $55 before Christmas.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Ella funnies

Today the girls were playing outside in the cubby house and Ella came inside to ask me if I knew when Nana was getting the air conditioning put in to the cubby.

She just came up to me and asked me how come some food comes up as vomit and some food turns in to poo. So we chatted about that for a while, all of a sudden there was a 'click' in her eyes and she said 'Ahh! So that's why you put your hands there when you do a bow! 'cos it's called your bowel. I get it.'

From Ella - Why did the toilet paper roll down the hill?

To get to the bottom!

Knock, knock
Who's there?
Waiter who?
Waiter minute while I tie my shoes

boom boom

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

and she's off!

How excitement! We have a crawler! Lucy has been moving around for ages, twisting on the spot, inching forward to grab things, but this week she has mastered it. She is still 'commando crawling', but practising up on her hands and knees too, so 'proper' crawling wont be that far away.

She also has learnt to sit unaided. Just like that. Yesterday she would fall backwards or sidewards instantly. Today she can sit and if she starts to tilt, then she puts a hand out to catch herself and can then right herself. I will have to take a photo of her doing it tomorrow.
For now here is a photo of all three of them.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

How much longer have we got ...

... before she is on the move?

And yes, you heard right, that was a 'mum' in there !! :)
She started saying dadadada a week or so ago and now it is mumumumum.

I love this age. Life is just sooo good for a 6 month old baby. They love their own company, are happy to concentrate for ages on trying to pick up the contrasting lines on the carpet, are happy with some milk and a few shovels of food over the course of the day, learning constantly. She learnt to get up on her hands and knees today, as Ella was laying next to her saying 'copy me, Lucy, this is how you do it'

The excitement the older two get from her achievements are adorable. They could watch her eat and chew all day long, or drink from her sipper cup, or roll over, or eat her feet.