Thursday, June 07, 2007

First school visit

Does she look happy?
I overheard her talking to our cat just before we had to leave. She was in her school clothes and was saying 'Harry, you probably don't recognise me now. Probably it is the school clothes, but it is also that I am different all over now. I am a school girl now. Even though it is only a very quick visit today, soon I will be going every day. I will miss you. You have been a good cat'

She was extremely nervous (so was I!) but she did great and is really happy with her classroom, her friends, her teachers and knowing where the toilets are and where to put her bag. I sat in the car and cried - damn hormones!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

New room

Inside the cupboards - look at all that space!!

Charlotte's bed

Ella's bed


THE room is done !!

The girls room is finished !! It has been a long time coming, trying to steal bits and pieces of time here and there to finalise it, but it is so so worth it. All I want to do now is get a rug of some sort for the floor and the man from Hills robes has to give us our door back (he had to take one of the mirrored doors in lieu of payment :p - we had a bit of trouble getting the money through to them, over daily card limit etc)

When it was just Ella's bedroom.

I will make another entry with photos of the new look room in just a tick.

Now our next room to tackle is the dining room/office. It is going to become our lounge room. We had grand plans to paint over last weekend (Rachel had our girls all day Sunday - thanks again!) but the 'little' cracks that we needed to patch, kind of turned in to this

and this

The joys of an old house....

so now we wait for Raff to get the stuff to fill the gap and of course it is 10pm and he is still not home from work, so tonight is out of the question.
All the office/dining furniture is crammed in to what is to be the baby room, though the drawers have some baby clothes in, we have nappies and the bassinette is assembled - what more could a baby need?! (only 22 more sleeps until D day...)

Baby is growing wonderfully well and I am feeling great. My haemoglobin levels have actually increased, (105 to 107) which is a first for me. Body is holding out pretty well, considering the size of my bump - midwife says I am heading towards a 9 pound baby :) Anyone got any ideas for a name?!

She did it !!

Ella that is. Passed up to the next swimming class. It has been a loooong time coming, but she looks great in the water and is very very happy. We now have to change to *sniff* after school lessons. She is now a Seahorse :D.

Speaking of school....we went and got her school uniform today and she has her first transition visit tomorrow. Her new teacher came to visit at the kindy yesterday and it turns out that her kindy teacher (Sandra) has managed to get Ella into an R-1 class. Very, very happy with that, as I wasn't really looking forward to six full terms of Reception alone. She will be in with only 3 other kindy kids and her closest friend Taylah won't be by her side, but I think it will be wonderful for her to be extended a little bit, both academically and socially.