Sunday, March 23, 2008

Big kids

Ella is a tree!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lucy milestones

Lucy has achieved a whole heap of firsts since I blogged last. She will be 9 months old next weekend and is so clever :)
Just tonight she clapped for the first time, and I happened to have the camera sitting next to me, so here we are!

She is also now pulling to standing on anything and everything, crawling properly ie on all fours all the time.

She has learnt to blow raspberries which provides hours of entertainment. She got to watch her first TV show and it really took her fancy.
The Wiggles - everyones favourites, no?

She can stand up in her cot, so we get this cute view each time we enter her room after a sleep.

And her first swing on the swing at the park near mums. I have a photo of each of the girls that looks very similar to this!

But possibly my most favourite 'first' of all time is the first time she 'spoke' to me. I love the idea of Baby Signing. We generally work on the important ones, which are more, milk and drink. Later on we add things here and there, but the other girls were verbal pretty early, so the need for signing passes pretty quickly.
So, pretty much since Lucy started solid food, just before and as we hand her food we say 'More? More? You want some more?' tapping our flat palm against our chest. All four of us do it to her each meal time, so it was fantastic this week to see her, eyeing off the food, just out of reach and signing 'more'. Lucky again, as I had the camera right there to capture it.

Pretty clever, huh? Since then she has used it in context many times, even signing 'more' to my dad when he was holding her this morning and he knew to let me know she neede something to snack on. Delightful! and I really recommend it to anyone out there with pre verbal babies. Let me know how it goes!

Earth Hour

First things first. Go sign up for Earth Hour - right now. It is next weekend, so hurry!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

An environmental OMG

I don't have the time to do a proper entry on this, but you have to click on this link and read in. You just have to.

And I know that my blog is now being read by an assortment of people, so ....
go on - comment! Tell me what you are going to do to help reduce some of these horrific footprints.
Me? No more takeaway coffees or plastic cups or plates. Ever.