Sunday, April 01, 2007


Ella has been learning all about insects at kindy this term. She has loads and loads of odd information that she can relay to you about bugs.
Did you know spiders bodies are covered in an oily layer, so that they don't stick to their own webs?
Did you know that spiders legs are covered in tiny little hooks that mean they can't get blown off their webs on windy days?
Did you know that spiders can't chew like humans can? They have to squirt poison in to the flies body until all their insides turn to liquid and then they slurp their insides out.
Did you know butterfiles don't have mouths, they have a probiscus?
Ladybirds are great insects, because they eat aphids, which eat roses.
She is a fountain of knowledge, so I guess it should have come as no surprise tonight that while we were laying on her bed reading stories, and she had her hand on my stomach and suddenly felt the baby move, she said 'Wow, that's a big bump,it must be Sprout's thorax!'