Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Real concrete!!

Oh, the excitement!!
Who would have thought concrete could bring such joy?!
On Sunday morning, Raff peeled back the carpet in Charlotte's old room (soon to be Sprout's room) and found some beautiful, fresh, non-sticky, non-deteriorated, perfect underlay. And under the beautiful, fresh, non-sticky, non-deteriorated, perfect underlay? Concrete! Smooth, clean, even, level concrete - happy dancing all around.
So from peeling back the carpet until laying the final plank, it took us about 5 hours in total - the girls were home with us helping, which possibly extended the time a touch.
Oh, and did I mention that particular room is perfectly square? With flat concrete? Wow! Soooo much easier than the girls room.

Almost finished product - still have to finish up the edges with some beading of some sort.

And this is what it looked like under the carpet in the first room we did - awful, hey?

Mmm, and did I mention that we still haven't actually received the money from the bank? 5 weeks today since we applied. Buggers. Tomorrow, apparently :)

A wedding.

We went to a wedding on Saturday, a school friend of Raff's. It was an absolutely glorious day, around 22 degrees. I had frantically rushed around on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning looking for decent jackets for Ella and I to wear on the night, as the reception was aboard the Dolphin Explorer at Port Adelaide. Of course it was beautiful weather and I wore short sleeves the whole night and didn't even look at my jacket. Ella was too busy dancing with her 'groovy hips' see video to notice the cold. Charlotte hasn't been well since last Sunday, so I had her rugged up as she wanted to live up on the deck of course.

The bride and groom were crazily in love . They have a 22 month old daughter and it was only her and our girls at the wedding. Our girls were fantastic and we had many many comments on our 'obviously great parenting' which was lovely :)

The girls got to take ALL the balloons home from the reception, which was great. NOT! as we had taken Raff's car and there was just no room for all the balloons and no arguing with two very sleepy children.

Ella Charlotte and Rachel (flowergirl)

Some of the balloons

Sleepiest little girl in the world - zonked for nearly 14 hours straight about 10 minutes after this photo was taken.

School !!!

I received a note at kindy this week saying that Ella's school transition visits start next week!! That has snuck up rather quickly...

The plants mum and dad dropped off for us to look after are going wonderfully. It has been a wet gusty wintery day here today so I went out to check the plants hadn't blown over and found the strawberries bitten off the plant...by Charlotte. I can just imagine her out there on her hands and knees. Crazy kid.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Belly shot

Raff snapped this one last week. Pretty good, as the light covers up the stretch marks.

We have floor

After a pretty intensive effort over Saturday night and all day Sunday we managed to get the floating floorboards down in the girls' bedroom.
It looks really good. It was just Raff and I working on it and we both deserve a pat on the back. We just have to work out how to get the skirting boards back on...

All that is left to do in their room now is put up the fairy border, affix skirting boards and find a little joiner thingamy for where the slate meets the floorboards at their doorway.

I will post a heap of before and after photos when we are done (furniture arrives 30/05) but in the meantime here is a corner of the room!

I have decided the only way to keep up blogging is to throw random bits of information out there. I decided today that I overthink most things way to much - it helps to come to a revelation like that when you spend 12+ hours cooped up in an empty room DIY-ing with a husband that doesn't really do forward thinking ;)

For those watching at home, we have taken the house off the market and the bank has been kind enough to throw a large some of money our way, with very little begging needed, which we are planning on spending all around the house. All the rooms will be getting painted, built in wardrobes will be going in the bedrooms and laundry, floating floorboards in the bedrooms and lounge room, new beds, new dining table and even a new couch. My shopping list is as long as my arm and I can't wait to get started on it!
Do you think we can get it all done in the next 5 weeks!?

Big thanks to Rachel for having our kids today, we really couldn't have got anywhere near as much done with them helping us. The kids looked like thay had a ball!

Hope your birthday was great, Adam, hope you could feel the birthday hugs and hear the random outbursts of 'Happy Birthday, Adam' from our girls.