Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Nits

Yep, after 5 years of close contact with all manner of children we hae had The Nits brought in to our household. It's funny because I knew Ella had them - she was scratching her head non-stop - but buggered if I could find anything. Turns out her head was crawling with them. I truly don't know how I missed them for so long! Anyway, Ella has been a trooper about them. She has always hated having her hair brushed or washed at the best of times, so having to sit still for hours while conditioner and other strange substances are combed through her hair must be pure torture for her.
Every now and then she would suddenly run out of the bathroom mid-combing screeching 'Ahhh, this is freaking me out!!!' and then calmly come and sit down to continue the combing. Occasionally she would say "I am so stressed about The Nits" Yep, that's what she calls them and I can hear the capitalisation in her voice.

Anyway a week or so after the first sighting it was 'Crazy Hair Day' at school. We were in a mad rush that morning, as instead of our usual 6:45am wake up call from Ella, we slept until 10 to 8 (we need to all be out the door at 8:30) Ella hadn't woken us up, as she had ot straight out of bed to create her 'crazy hair' Look at the photo. Can you guess?

Yep - a giant head lice.
And yes, I had them in my hair too. Revolting little things...

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Gawler Show

A whole year has passed without Adam and Eva around. You do realise that the kids outnumber us now at occasions such as the Show?! The weather was perfect and we all had a great day. Nothing has changed over the years, which is lovely, as Ella was remembering everything all over again.

The obligatory painted faces

Charlotte had a ball. She is a funny one. She will give anything a go, as bold as brass. She loves animals. Dad took both girls in to a farm animal enclosure. Ella managed to not touch a single animal, while Charlotte had to touch every single one, including having to chase down the ones that saw her coming! The fire brigade sprayed a whole heap of foam down that the kids went wild in, there was no holding Charlotte back!

And Lucy? Well, she slept a good chunk of the day. She seemed to have grown a few inches overnight. Lots of smiles from her nowadays.

Oh and I have to include the Ella-wants-to-go-home-cos-my-legs-are-tired photo(I hope you said that in your best 5 year old whiny voice!)

Monkey see, monkey do

I had been having problems with the pram, so had sent it away to be fixed and also 're-upholstered' The problem with this was that The Pram Doctor is in Lonsdale, so a fair way out of the way! As luck would have it, Raff has a client very near there, so the computer Gods shined on us and he had to head down that way. He dropped our pram off, but the wait was too long so he left it there, and we hoped it would be a quick return. In the mean time, Lucy lived in the sling. We love our Jazsling. Two weeks of walking her everywhere in the sling, and it has become a way of life for us, so I guess it was no surprise to see Charlotte come out of her room one day with our spare sling around herself with her baby wrapped in it. A few adjustments and this was the result

And this is the real deal. Lucy as sung as a bug in her sling.

A winters day

We spent a glorious day on Brighton beach a few weeks ago. It is just a short walk from Raff's nanna's house. It is such a beautiful beach and seems largely undiscovered by anyone other than the locals. It is a bit of a shame to see all the old character filled houses being knocked down and big ugly fortresses going up in their place. Charlotte had been unwell with a cold, but perked up for just long enough to enjoy the sand and sunshine.


They are both getting ridiculously grown up, hey?

Lucy spent the time sound asleep in her sling as per usual.