Wednesday, May 28, 2008

on the way to toddlerhood

So, only 6 short weeks ago I had a baby that looked like this

Much like the older girls, really with straight brownish hair. Fast forward to today and check her out!

She is such a curly head. It is very very cute. I can't wait till she needs a haircut, so I can snip one of those ringlets off to keep forever.
She keeps us super busy, having mastered climbing over the last fortnight. Everything is fair game, as you will se by the pictures I will put up in a minute. And these are only the ones that I was game enough to step away from her to grab the camera. I haven't included the standing upright on the kids drawing table, or hanging on the breakfast bar, or standing on the top level of the girls dolls house.

Today was a pleasant day, so Lucy and Charlotte were playing outside, I came back to see that Charlotte had turned the outside tap on to fill up her watering can and had left the hose running. That made for one very wet (and happy!) baby, drenched to the core in quite cool water. I stripped her down, went inside to get some dry clothes, came back to her trying to jump on the inflatable trampoline.

This was closely followed by this, as she tried to disembark frontwards on wet slippery plastic ....

Monday, May 05, 2008

Just some photos

Too tired and distracted to blog properly, so in dot point.
- My last baby turned 10 months old last week
- She is the cleverest baby that ever lived
- She is the cutest baby in the world
- I love that she looks so much like herself now
- She will start childcare on June 2nd ...Am I getting a job, or am I going to study?
- School's back and Ella loves it
- Charlotte is my bundle of fire and ice
- I love Autumn
- 10 days and Raff gets his license back
- Tickets are booked for our Queensland holiday. Taking booking for my clique peeps to meet up with me ;)
- This Saturday saw me finally break the 70kg mark, since Lucy was born. A total of 20kgs lost since June 29 2007
- My family is awesome. Love my in-laws, too.
- The Aust tax office is blergh
- I love my husband
- It's my baby brothers 30th birthday this month. That = me old

Two sleepy heads sunning on a rock

Charlotte with Feral Aunt Meg

Lucy and Raff's Nana (Great Nana)

Our three bookworms

Lucy touches the Mall's Balls for the first time

Scallywag, complete with texta drawn over her face!

Told ya. Cutest baby ever!