Monday, January 04, 2010

My business

Today I registered a business name. The OCBA tells me that The Office of Consumer and Business Affairs recommends that you DO NOT use or outlay any further expense in relation to the business name (advertising, printing or signage etc.) until your registration is confirmed by receipt of your Registration Certificate, so I don't want to jinx anything by telling y'all the name just yet. It has been a very very long process, choosing this name. Every name I liked was taken, and then I found one that wasn't and it was refused on some technicality ('sounds like ...')

Officially I 'teach basic computer skills to seniors'. What does that mean? Well, anything from 'This is a mouse' to 'Let's set up your brand new laptop' to chatting to my students via MSN to setting up Skype with them. I visit people's houses as well, because all the explaining in the world on my computer, won't show them how to scan a document on their computer.
I am helping an 81 year old student set up Coles online shopping, as soon her husband will be forfeiting his license.
I see a man twice a week that has a brand new laptop that he purchased after only two sessions with me and he is now inseparable from his computer.
In two short weeks I will be doing a group training session to some Mallala residents. I will be specifically running through the useage of a wiki site that has been developed. I have been teaching 3 wonderful, industrious, funny, clever, diligent, and dare I say, a touch stubborn women to find their way around that website - to upload photos, to edit and create pages, to insert relevant hyperlinks and all the other bits and pieces. We have been working together for about 9 months now, firstly on a totally volunteer basis, but in the last couple of months on a paid basis.

This is a really flexible 'job' for me. I enjoy starting my mornings with some light chit chat, a few laughs and the transfer of information. Currently, with school holidays, we are doing okay having the children around while I am teaching. It is not ideal and I will find it more relaxing when they are back at school, but for now, it works.

To teach is to learn twice. ~ Joseph Joubert, Pensées, 1842


Melissa said...

OMG you posted again!

What a fabulous business for you, Nic. Can't wait to hear the name, and to hear how it's all going.

Nana Gabe said...

I am guessing in my head your business name.I am thinking "Nicoles teaching computer skills" only joking.Cant wait to see what it is .Proud of you darling xx